About Us

Arkhe is a project management consultancy and engineering office founded by two young engineers experienced in refining industry. We, as mechanical and electrical-electronics engineers, are at service of our valuable solution partners with our knowledge and experience on engineering, procurement, contract, and staff and totally project management gathered through multi-disciplinary projects that we completed to satisfy a wide range of requests from internal customers between 2007 & 2014 at Izmir Refinery Project and Investments Department.

Our Mission

We are to serve our refining, petrochemicals, and oil&gas experience together with the correct project management services and engineering to our solution partners with a true understanding of ethical values and improvement. And also we are to complete each project that we manage by satisfying scope, time, cost and quality requirements together with an efficient teamwork.

Our goals

  • To give management and guidance in project management depending on the requests of our solution partners and the requirements of their projects.
  • In addition to the project management services to give engineering services to make the project a whole in technical manner.
  • To present project management methodologies based on PMI standards by trainings and applications, to extend their applications.
  • To be long term partners of the companies that we work together for shared goals to help them improve their reputations.

Our values

Cooperation, Responsibility, Honesty, Trust, Respect, Passion

Services We Offer

Either be a plant manager or a contractor who is making basic EPC works for a facility, we are ready to support you at every points we stated below.

Trainings: Trainings are intended for your employees to add value to your experience and use it more efficiently in your daily business life by improving their knowledge on PMI^s standard and recommendations. Trainings can be totally on project management, but if you like specific training on each knowledge areas can be given.

Scope and Survey : When your project is just an idea, we can evaluate the feasibility based on field trips and your requirements, do pre-scope and survey works to prepare rough budget and create project charter.

Project Management Plan : Before going through to the execution, we are to document how you are going to execute the project by specifying the management plans on different knowledge areas such as scope, time and cost. Via this plan, execution phase is kept under control to minimize the risks.

Detailed Scope, Schedule and Cost : We are to specify the scope, create work breakdown structure, make schedule by assigning the resources and prepare the budget-time graphics.

Engineering and Control Services : During the execution phase, we are to create necessary administrative and technical documents such as technical specifications, datasheets and drawings etc. or to control the already created documents and drawings if there is a revision needed or not.

Monitoring and Reporting : Field executions are checked and verified according to the time, budget, quality and risk etc. Results are reported and, if any, deviations are clearly analyzed.

Closing and Evaluation : Your project is closed and necessary performance analysis are made.

Company References

TCDD Locomotive Loading/Unloading System Analysis : Making engineering calculations for 15 different loading and unloading stations and preparing a report for improvements on mechanical and automation systems.

Ege Gübre Modernization and Maintenance Works Survey : Preparing a rough budget for fire water lines improvements and tank maintenance works.

SHELL Derince Terminal Modernization Project Management Service:

  • System analysis of previous terminal including tank farm and piping, electricity system and fire water system.
  • System design of new piping, pump station, additional bottom loading station and fire water system based on API, NFPA and Shell standards.
  • Budget survey, detailed schedule and contractor management

ATAŞ Terminal Surge Analysis:

Analysis of the surge problem happening in additive injection system of the terminal, reporting of the current situation and possible solutions.

UPS Cargo Izmir Distribution Building Mechanical Installation Project Management Works

Scope and time management for Ekiz Mekanik, site supervision, progress reports.

Ekiz Mekanik Project Management System

Assesing the requirements of Ekiz Mekanik, establishing a project management system based on these requirements, preparing the procedures, documents and forms.

STAR Refinery Operator Pretreaining Works

Supporting D'appolonia, the main contractor for pretraining activities, in preparing training notes, lecturing courses, coordinating the training works.

Bunge Limited Aliaga Facility Improvement Projects 2017

Basic and detailed engineering works for the improvement projects in 2017, PM works (scope, time, budget and quality management), site supervision and progress reports.

Personal References

References from TUPRAS Izmir Refinery :

  1. Hydrocracker Plant Fire Water Modernization
    1. Analysis of previous firefighting system based on NFPA standards,
    2. determining optimum capacity depending on plant requirements and fire scenarios,
    3. engineering of capacity increase and system modernization,
    4. manufacturing, instalment and start-up works
  2. Flare Gas Recovery System
    1. Survey of the flare gas recovery techniques and selection of the best method depending on the requirements,
    2. Detailed engineering of the procured FGRS.
    3. Engineering, manufacturing and installment of necessary piping.
    4. Engineering of instrumentation and automation systems.
  3. VOC Recovery System Engineering Works
  4. 24 Bays Truck Loading Terminal for Heavy Products
    1. Engineering of loading stations, necessary piping, pump station consist of 30 pumps.
  5. Bioethanol Injection System
    1. System engineering
    2. Engineering of 2 tanks with the capacity of 1000 m3 and pump stations
    3. manufacturing, instalment and start-up works
  6. Lube Oil Plant Fire Water Modernization
    1. Analysis of previous firefighting system based on NFPA standards,
    2. determining optimum capacity depending on plant requirements and fire scenarios,
    3. engineering of capacity increase and system modernization,
    4. manufacturing, instalment and start-up works
  7. 16 Bays Truck Loading Terminal for Light Products
    1. Engineering of loading stations, necessary piping, pump station
    2. Manufacturing, instalment and start-up works
  8. 2x5000 m3 Asphalt Tanks
    1. Engineering works for the new piping, new tanks, new pumps and improved pump station
    2. Manufacturing, instalment and start-up works
  9. Crude Oil Plant I Heaters Fuel Gas Inlet Modernization
    1. Engineering of manual gas control to the automated gas control based on NFPA standards
    2. Procurement, instalments and start-up of necessary instruments and control valves
    3. Modification of DCS substructure
  10. Procurement of Online Process Analyzers in the scope of APC and Fuel Oil Blending Projects
    1. Engineering, procurement, instalment and start-up of different online analyzers for various types of products.
  11. DCS Instalment Works for Waste Water Treatment Plant and Balance Tanks Instrumentation
    1. Survey of the previous monitoring systems
    2. DCS engineering, procurement and instalment
    3. Engineering, procurement, instalment and start-up of tank instrumentation

General Responsibilities :

  • Survey and budget planning
  • Technical specifications and procurement planning
  • Evaluation of bids and contract management
  • Coordination of engineering and design works
  • Material procurement
  • Contractor management
  • Control of payments to the contractors and suppliers
  • Preparation of quality documents
  • HSE works during project execution